Party Hire

We cater for pool parties for children of 8 years and over on Saturday afternoons. Family parties can also be arranged with appropriate adult to children ratios.


A lifeguard is provided for supervision of all pool parties.

For up to 12

Maximum bather load is 12 children.

Party Hire Pricing


For 1 hour pool hire.


For 1 hour pool hire + use of reception area set up with tables for birthday food.

Party Terms & Conditions

The following conditions of hire exist to ensure that everyone can enjoy themselves within the parameters of good health and safety practices.


  1. Trummery House will provide a lifeguard certified to NPLQ level for the supervision of all birthday parties.
  2. Maximum bather load is 12.
  3. For young children (those under 8) additional parental/adult assistance must be provied in the pool by the person taking the booking.
  4. Children will be given a safety briefing before entering the pool detailing the following:
    1. Rules for safe use of pools
    2. Explanation of the layout of the pool (shallow end, deep end, shape of pool, changing areas)
    3. Explanation of the use of the whistle for attracting attention or issuing a warning
  5. Customers must adhere to our hygiene procedures:
    1. Children should use the toilet before entering the pool
    2. Bathing caps must be worn by all swimmers
    3. Outdoor footwear must be covered using the blue pool shoe covers provided
    4. Verrucae must be covered by the wearing of latex socks
    5. The use of talcum powder is not permitted on the premises
  6. Parents must provide information of any medical conditions that their children have, e.g. epilepsy, blackouts, allergies, dyspraxia, autism, ADHD, diabetes, heart complaints etc.
  7. Changing rooms are communal, one for boys and one for girls. The showers in each facility are also communal.
  8. Parents of children under 8 must be present in order to help with supervision of dressing after bathing.
  9. Parents not staying for the duration of the activity must be able to be contacted in case of an emergency.
  10. We reserve the right to ask users to leave the pool if they do not comply with safety procedures.
  11. A signature of authorisation by a parent/guardian is required for each participant.

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